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Cobra Calling the Police “Ma Grade 12” Sends Twitter

24 March 2021
Cobra's rudeness has left Twitter fans in stitches.
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Cobra is one of those characters on The River that fans have come to love and hate at the same time. When he messes up, he has everyone riling up. However, he always has a way of making everyone laugh, without even trying.

Exhibit A…

Since attempting to leave the scene of the ATM bombing like he was invisible, Detective Moeti has not stopped hounding him. In the latest pursuit of the blessers, Dr Moeti stormed into Paulina’s tavern and ordered all the homeless Refilwe residents to leave the tavern at once.

Cobra, Mabutho and Paulina were clearly annoyed by this and called out the detective on her unwarranted actions. But being the loudmouth that he is, Cobra took it a step further and disrespected the police for all of Twitter to witness.

Him calling the police Grade 12s sent everyone:

Robbing a bank binnekant

Led have decided to forgo the ATM bombings and rather focus their attention on performing an inside job. While MaKhabaza and Mabutho are hesitant and wary of the danger such a big operation may pose, Cobrizi the master planner is all for it.

This is the same man who pushed the guys to bomb an ATM that had no cash in it. Not only that but he also then proceeded to leave his balaclava at the crime scene and still walk out of the crime scene wearing his gloves.

If it were anyone else involved in these crimes, they’d lay low until the dust settled. But alas, it’s Cobra and when he is involved, he acts on impulse and cries “harassment” when the police are after him.

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