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Character of the week - Phasha

10 January 2022
He came in to maintain the bubble and live the best life!
The River Phasha

One thing about Khanyisa Diamonds, it’s in big trouble and it seems it’s only the beginning of many more to come especially now that a man named Phasha has touched down.

Happy new year and the new Khanyisa CFO Phasha joins us!

After taking a much needed break over the festive season after all the chaos and near death experiences that the community of Refilwe went through, Mohumi returned as a man who was ready to take over and had his right-hand man ready too. Phasha came in with one thing on his mind, take Khanyisa Diamonds down especially since Lindiwe didn’t leave much for them.


Here’s how you’ve been enjoying his presence, his ways of changing Mohumi and hurting the people of Refilwe;



The R61M private jet is where it all started

It all went downhill when the people of Refilwe forced Lindiwe out of her CEO seat, out of her office, the company that she started from scratch all because they were not satisfied with the way they were benefiting from the discovery of the diamond at the mine while Lindiwe bought herself a R61 million rands private jet.

Lindiwe giving it all up came as shock to her family but an even bigger one to the audience who always had her back and even knew right there and then that this meant soon enough the people of Refilwe would beg for her return.


The CEO chair is yours Mr Mohumi

The protest at Khanyisa Diamonds was brutal and heart-breaking all because the community and miners wanted Lindiwe to hear all their grievances while the Dikanas were having the time of their lives celebrating Andile and Njabulo’s family. Lindiwe stepping down always meant that Mohumi would step up and take the position of CEO since he was leading the community and fighting for their rights.

However, cold feet got the better of him when it was time to get into office, the weight of having the responsibility of taking charge of the mine and improving Refilwe got too much an made him doubt his capabilities. Mabutho came the rescue and made him see that he’s the man for the job and even Thuso got off of his high to have power and begged him to take the role and lead them.


It is all starting to crumble now that Mohumi has changed or rather got back to the person that he’s been the whole time. From retrenchments, freezing Mabutho’s mine manager position, selling assets and firing Rakgadi, it’s not looking pretty at all and we’re eager to see what chaos Phasha is still going to cause until it’s all over.

In the meantime Phasha is living by there words, “to live a beautiful life in a bubble.”


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