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Character of the week – Emma Dlamini

15 October 2021
She has been giving it her all!
Emma The River

To say what Emma has been going through is heart wrenching, indescribable, extremely unfair and has the ability to scar her for life would be absolutely correct because no one deserves what has happened to her.

We have watched her from being a scammer who wanted the good life, to being sincere and getting marriedto Zolani and then being the best mother that baby Mbali could ask for, but no one saw this coming and especially not because all she wanted was to be more than just a housewife and a mother. She wanted to find her purpose, to do something that she loves and become a successful businesswoman.

The soft Lindiwe

After Lindiwe softened her heart for her and seeing her after she has been asking for a while, she gave Emma an opportunity to find what she loves and put her in touch with people that could take her places. In came her worst nightmare, Zithulele and Molatelo.


It shouldn't have gotten to this!

The proposal and presentation quickly turned into Emma being reduced to nothing by a man who thought that his power allows him to do what he pleases and then go on like nothing ever happened. He raped her.


RANGE is what Emma has shown us with this storyline. She has always been amazing but portraying this very hard experience and allowing herself to go there has left us all with a lump in our throats and trying to fight back tears but that was simply not possible.


Finding the courage to open up

Confiding in Molatelo about what her husband did to her wasn’t what at all she expected and that made matters worse.


But confiding in Lindiwe? Now that’s exactly what she NEEDED!



This has been such a tough role to play, showing what many women go through and how scared they become to open up and mostly importantly, the response that they risk receiving from people. Emma has been delivering and taking us on a journey and making us feel every emotion along the way with each episode and for that, WE THANK HER!

The truth is out now but the most important person, her husband Zolani is still in the dark and still making his very wrong assumptions about her so keep tuning in to see how it all pans out and if Zithulele will receive the punishment he so deserves.


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