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Zweli Banishing Nomonde Gets a Standing Ovation – The River

28 July 2020
Hlomla Dandala delivered a stellar performance, says Twitter about the latest episode of The River.
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Lately, The River has tugged at audiences’ emotions, delivering one emotionally charged scene after another. Just when audiences thought they’d cried their hearts out when Rakgadi fought tooth and nail for Nsizwa, Zweli evoked even more emotions during the latest episode of The River.

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The cause of all his heartache was none other than his firstborn, Nomonde who had initially swindled a total of R 6 million from Lindiwe when she had staged her own kidnapping. And just when Mafungwashe thought she’d settle the score with Mantwa, Nomonde’s old acquaintance, kidnapped Nomonde in the hope of extorting more money from the Dikanas.

Zweli, who had trusted that his daughter would never go as far as kidnapping herself for any reason, was extremely hurt when Tshabalala came bearing the truth. From there onwards, Zweli ignored any attempt Mantwa made to scare Zweli into giving her a further R5 million. Nomonde was on her own.

Eventually, it became apparent to Zweli that Nomonde’s life was really in danger after a gunshot went off during Nomonde’s plea to him. The search to find his daughter begun and after what at first seemed like a pointless search in the streets of Diepsloot, finally proved successful. Nomonde managed to send her location to Zweli’s phone who immediately called for backup as he drove back to Diepsloot to save his daughter.

Watch: Mantwa Shoots Nomonde

Zweli shot Mantwa and saved Nomonde just in the nick of time. However, the worst was not over for Nomonde who was shown the door by her father. Zweli was evidently very hurt by Nomonde’s actions and in a heart-wrenching scene, told Nomonde to go back to Cape Town and never set foot at the Dikana’s home again.

While tweeps had mixed reactions with the severity of Nomonde’s punishment, everyone felt the intensity of Hlomla Dandala’s performance:

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