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Zolani Leaves Emma and Lindiwe to Kill Themselves – The River

22 June 2020
Buckling under pressure, Zolani left Emma and Lindiwe to take care of themselves.
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Lindiwe and Emma’s ongoing feud came to a final in Friday’s episode of The River as Zolani left the two to take each other out. For a while now, we’ve watched as Lindiwe and Emma have tried to kill each other – Emma in an effort to swindle money out of the Dikanas and Lindiwe, in an attempt to stop Emma in her tracks.

But during the latest episode of The River, Lindiwe and Emma’s war went from a cat and mouse game to a survival of the fittest (or should we say quickest).

Beauty rats on Emma

Over the weeks, we watched as Emma flaunted her tricks and plans to Beauty. Whether Emma was telling Beauty about poisoning Lindiwe’s drink or the trick she used to worm her way into Zolani’s life, Beauty became Emma’s confidant. Through all of this, not once did we think that Beauty would spill Emma’s beans.

However, things took an unexpected turn after Emma and Beauty’s quarrel. Emma dragged Beauty through the mud as Beauty refused to take an envelope full of money that Emma had conned out of Zolani. Things got really bad between the cousins as Beauty gave it straight to Emma, who was clearly insulted by Beauty’s honesty.

Andile tells Zolani the truth

Next thing we knew, Beauty was at the Dikanas home ready to tell Andile everything that Emma had told her in private. Beauty sang like a canary as she exposed each and every secret that Emma had ever told her.

This all the while Emma was encouraging Zolani to shoot and bury Lindiwe. However, the gun turned to Emma too when Zolani received Andile’s call. It soon became evident that everything that Lindiwe had warned Zolani against was in fact very true.

Of course, Emma tried to explain and talk herself out of potentially dying at Zolani’s hands, who’d turned the gun on both his wife and aunt. Lindiwe pumped Zolani up to kill Emma and Emma did exactly the same.

Zolani leaves Emma and Lindiwe

With the pressure coming from both sides, Zolani buckled under the pressure and threw his gun at Emma and Lindiwe’s feet. Being the G that she is, Lindiwe fought Emma off and got her hands on the gun.

And the rest is history…

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