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Twitter Cries With Lindiwe – The River

09 December 2019
Lindiwe is a reflection of herself since Dambisa hit her where it hurts the most.
Sindi Dlathu and Lawrence Maleka The River

It’s been an incredibly emotionally taxing couple of days for Lindiwe. The River’s Dikana matriarch has never been the same since Dambisa hit her where it hurts the most and left her hanging. Since then, Lindiwe went on a downward spiral of stress and even suffered a mild angina.

Worried about uAuntie’s state of mind, Zolani called on the services of his trusted spiritual advisor to figure out what was going on with Lindiwe. As soon as Francinah walked in, she started convulsing and immediately revealed that Lindiwe needed to break the bond between her and Tumi otherwise there was going to be a lot of bloodshed.

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Naturally, no service comes without a price, and in order to break the bond between mother and daughter Francinah’s asking price was R250 000!

Bored with Francinah’s gimmicks, Lindiwe took no note of the prophet’s warnings and decided to rather fix things between her and Tumi.

But trying to reconnect with Tumi has come with one roadblock after the other as Tumi has refused to let her mom in. Tumi’s rejection hasn’t sat well at all with Lindiwe, who’s become a reflection of the strong, powerful business mogul Twitter has come to know.

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