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Tumi Stresses The River Viewers

03 February 2021
The River Season 3 is nearing its end, and we can guarantee you there will be drama galore.
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The season three finale of The River is upon us and true to the show’s format, the third season is wrapping up with what promises to be a bang. Mohumi’s arrival to Pretoria has caused more havoc than we’ve ever seen before. Just when Lindiwe and Tumi were on the road to reconciliation, Mohumi’s damning evidence against Lindiwe is threatening to tear the mother and daughter apart.

Will it be for good?

During the latest season of The River, we can safely say that Lindiwe has been on her best behaviour. She’s focused her energies on bringing her family together, especially since Tumi moved into the mansion. She hasn’t been too condescending towards the Refilwe community (although she’s had her moments), and this is a big one, she hasn’t killed anybody.

However, Mohumi’s arrival in town has disturbed Lindiwe’s peace and Tumi is caught right in the middle.

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Lindiwe’s cockiness costs her

Mohumi has been using Tumi as a vessel to get to Lindiwe and our girl has been bowing down to each and every one of Mohumi’s tricks. But this time, it looks like Tumi wants to take things too far.

Thinking she’d won, Lindiwe paid Mohumi a visit in prison just to remind him who the real MVP is. In the cell, she laid out all the murders she’d committed; we’re talking Happy, Gail and Sheree and even went on to claim that Zweli knows the whole list. But we all know that he doesn’t, and should he ever find out, it will be over for Lala and Lethu’s marriage. Little did Lindiwe know that during her rant, Mohumi was recording every little word that came out of her mouth.

Mohumi then sent the video to Tumi so she can do his dirty work and send out the video to everyone to see. Now you would think that Tumi would ignore Mohumi, especially because she’s not innocent. But she’s busy throwing stones from a glass house and has agreed to share the video.

Is this the point where Lindiwe is exposed for who she really is? Or will Tumi come to her senses before she causes damage?

All will be revealed during the season 3 finale of The River this week. Don’t forget that you can binge-watch The River on Showmax.