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Tumi and Lindani’s Marriage Is Falling Apart

28 August 2020
Has Tumi and Lindani’s relationship reached a point of no return?
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Entanglements are never, EVER a good idea. It’s even worse when the entanglement involves people who are married. But if you’ve been following the conversation on Twitter, you’ll have seen that many tweeps are all for Mabutho and Tumi’s entanglement. Why? Well, Lindani has himself to thank for that.

Lindani Wants to Move Back into Refilwe

Lindani has been itching to prove himself as a provider, which is an admirable gesture. Hats off to him and every man who takes responsibility for their family. However, the problem comes in that Lindani wants to move his wife Tumi from the comfort of a luxurious life in Silver Lakes to an RDP home in Refilwe.

Tumi has been beyond herself since her husband surprised her with this idea. She doesn’t understand why Lindani would want to work backwards when they have all they need under Lindiwe and Zweli’s roof. On the other hand, Lindani’s argument is that he doesn’t feel free living in someone else’s home.

Many tweeps seem to think that Lindani is out his mind:

Lindani Wants to Start a Family

But the drama only begins there. Lindani eventually agreed that he’d stay in the Dikana’s home on condition that Tumi would make him a father. The two were once again on opposite ends as Tumi put her foot down. Tumi felt like Lindani wanted to take control of her body, while he argued that the next step in their marriage was to start a family. For the sake of peace, Tumi eventually made it seem as if she was okay with the idea of starting a family.

Little did Lindani know that he’s wife was taking contraceptives to prevent any pregnancy from taking place. Lindani found the contraceptives and couldn’t believe that his wife would lie to him. A family meeting was called and Tumi’s body and decisions were discussed. However, she was unable to deal with any of Paulina’s intrusive questions and stormed out of the meeting.

Wanting to distress, she left for Refilwe and found Mabutho all alone at Paulina’s tavern. Now, the feelings that the two once shared are reignited and their chemistry is stronger than ever before.

Watch the highlight below:

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