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Third Time's A Charm Definitely Holds True For Tumi – The River

19 October 2020
Tumi seems to have all the luck when it comes to marriage proposals.
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Tumi is on her third marriage proposal while some of us can’t even secure a date. That was the sentiment on social media when Paulina shocked the Dikanas with a letter from Mabutho requesting that the two families meet for Tumi’s lobola negotiations.

Tumi’s history of marriage

Truth be told, Tumi has had her fair share of walking down the aisle moments. First, it was with her second bae turned cousin Zolani. The Dikanas held thee most extravagant wedding for ZoMiLove who were head over heels in love with each other. However, Zolani and Tumi’s marriage was short-lived when family secrets were revealed. Zolani still loved Tumi, but Tumi was not about to stay in a relationship with a man who had been an accomplice in Thato’s death. More than that, Tumi and Zolani found out they were in fact cousins.

Moving along, Tumi reconciled things with her very first love, Lindani. The childhood sweethearts rekindled their romance after Tumi revealed to Lindani that she missed being in a relationship with him. Soon after that, the Dhlomo and Mokoena families came together to talk lobola for Tumi. And just like that, during a beautiful traditional wedding, Tumi and LIndani tied the knot.

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Mabutho asks for Tumi’s hand in marriage

Now, Tumi has stolen the heart of yet another young fella. Tumi caught Mabutho’s attention the minute the young Zulu man moved to Refilwe. Things between the Mabutho and Tumi seemed to quieten down for a while, especially as Tumi was at the time, married to Mabutho’s cousin Lindani.

However, after many weeks, Mabutho and Tumi reconnected just as Tumi and Lindani’s marriage was on the rocks. Mabutho moved from being Tumi’s shoulder to cry on to being Tumi’s escape. Not even being caught out by the Dikanas and Lindani could stop Mabutho and Tumi in their tracks.

It became evident that Tumi and Lindani’s marriage was over, and Mr Dimba wasted no time in continuing his pursuit for his cousin’s ex-wife – now with the intention of taking things seriously with Tumi.

Lindiwe, who’s always been warning Tumi to take things slow with moving on from one cousin to the next, was beyond repulsed when Paulina approached the family with a letter from Mabutho requesting for Tumi’s hand in marriage. But what’s worse is that Tumi had no idea at all of Mabutho’s intentions. And while viewers found this strange, it was Tumi’s luck in marriage proposals which left many feeling some type of way…

Do you think Tumi and Mabutho will make it to the pulpit?

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