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The River Season 2 Teasers: June

05 June 2019
Here's everything that will happen on The River in June.
The River June Teasers

Monday 3 June 2019
Episode 91


A lot of tears are falling in Refilwe because of an old enemy and Lindani struggles to adjust to the brave new world he’s entered.
Tuesday 4 June 2019
Episode 92

Toothless Dog

An old enemy rubs Lindiwe’s nose in her setbacks and Lindani girds his loins for the big task ahead.

Wednesday 5 June 2019
Episode 93

Happy Birthday!

Nomonde redefines the meaning of kicking a dog when it’s down.

Thursday 6 June 2019
Episode 94


Nomonde makes a surprising discovery and Lindiwe’s options get narrower.
Friday 7 June 2019
Episode 95

Feel the Burn

Tumi gets even with Lindiwe while Nomonde makes a bold move.



Monday 10 June 2019

Episode 96

House on Fire!

Tragedy brings heroes out of the most unexpected places, and the Mokoena siblings have tough decisions to make.

Tuesday 11 June 2019
Episode 97

Mea Culpa

News of the shack tragedy spread across Refilwe and Tumi finds herself at a crossroads.

Wednesday 12 June 2019
Episode 98

Old Devil, New Angel

Detective Tshabalala has to face his past misdeeds while juggling the person, and the profession brings new personal challenges for Nomonde.
Thursday 13 June 2019
Episode 99

The Good Samaritan

Lindani offers to help Nomonde save the day and Flora is full of surprises.

Friday 14 June 2019  
Episode 100

Born Again

Zweli makes a shocking discovery about Nomonde and Zolani is left off-kilter by all the changes in his life.

Monday 17 June 2019
Episode 101

Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

Nomonde manages to turn around her situation, while Zolani is nearly driven mad by the new world that surrounds him.

Tuesday 18 June 2019 
Episode 102

All that Glitters

Cobra gets a taste of a high life he’s always yearned for, and Nomonde is challenged to get out of her comfort zone.

Wednesday 19 June 2019 
Episode 103

Food for Everybody

Not one to be greedy, Cobra calls upon an old friend to share his good life with. Nomonde finds herself in a situation she would rather not be in.

Thursday 20 June 2019 
Episode 104

Team Sports

Lindani puts Nomonde on the spot and Cobra starts swimming with deadly sharks.
Friday 21 June 2019
Episode 105

Deals & Denials

It’s two steps forward and two steps back for Nomonde while Paulina gets dragged into another mess created by the man she once thought she’d spend the rest of her life with.

Monday 24 June 2019 
Episode 106

Heartbreak Hotel

Nomonde’s world is in disarray and Cobra’s rise threatens to awaken an old enemy.
Tuesday 25 June 2019
Episode 107

Warning Shots

Nomonde lands in hot water and Lindiwe sets her snares.
Wednesday 26 June 2019
Episode 108

Last Days of Love

Lindani is forced to face the reality of his situation, while Paulina realises the kind of world she has gotten herself into.

Thursday 27 June 2019 
Episode 109

Out with the Old

Cobra is seduced by the promise of a new life and Nomonde takes bold new steps for Khanyisa Diamonds.

Friday 28 June 2019
Episode 110

Goodness, Mercy & Gail

An experienced criminal takes an interest in Cobra’s business ventures. Detective Tshabalala has an unpleasant surprised for Zweli.

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