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The River's Lindiwe and Tumi Bring Twitter to Tears

19 December 2019
Life thrust Lindiwe and Tumi in an uncomfortable situation, forcing them to face their demons.
Sindi Dlathu and Larona Moagi The River

When Lindiwe Dikana threw in the towel after receiving endless rejections from her daughter Tumi, we thought there was no chance of reconciliation between the estranged mother and daughter. But last night’s episode of The River proved that even Lindiwe and Tumi could put their differences aside for the sake of their relationship.

The trouble started when Andile found out that the blasts at the old mining site had been pushed up by 2 hours and were scheduled to take place at 12pm instead of the initial 2pm – all the while Lindiwe had dragged Tumi to the old mining site.

Unaware of the new time, mother and daughter soon found themselves trapped at the old mining site with little chance of escape. The bakkie they were travelling in was eventually caught in the blasts, and before they knew it, the vehicle had overturned and was now buried underground.

Lindiwe and Tumi found themselves in an awkward position where they had no choice but to face their demons. While Tumi expressed how hurt she was by everything Lindiwe had done in the past, Lindiwe apologized for everything she’d put her daughter through.

In the end, being buried underground and facing death in the face, Lindiwe and Tumi declared their love for each other, sending Twitter into all sorts of feels.

Will this give Tumi and Lindiwe a chance to reconcile? Catch new episodes of The River weekdays at 20:00.