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The River’s Cobra Disturbs Paulina’s Peace

29 October 2019
Cobra will not give up on Paulina until Thulani has gone back to his hometown.
Cobra, Paulina and Thulani The River

Guess who’s got their groove back? Paulina! Yes, the same Paulina who was married to Cobra. In the latest episodes of The River, Thulani from Pietermaritzburg arrived at Khanyisa Diamonds to take up his new position as the mine manager of the Dikana family business.

But Thulani hasn’t only taken over the Khanyisa mining reigns, he’s also fallen for Paulina. Sparks flew between the two as soon as they lay their eyes on each other. Thulani wasted no time and made it clear from the start that he was into Paulina. Paulina, who’s had a rather rocky past, probably thought she was dreaming (we won’t get into the nitty-gritty of her past, but you can read up on it right here) when Thulani made advances on her.

But it seems like Paulina can never leave her past in the past and live her best life without the case of the ex – Cobra. Thuso has clearly told himself that if he can’t have Paulina no one else can. He’s made Thulani’s life a living hell since Thulani started his new job at Khanyisa.

Letting his ego get in the way of everything, Cobra hasn’t only started an uprising at Khanyisa Diamonds, but he’s also made it clear to Thulani that Paulina is wife, often going as far as embarrassing himself.

While Cobra himself doesn’t see a problem with interrupting Thulani and Paulina’s dinners, pulling out wedding albums of past and forgotten memories and just ensuring that his presence is felt, tweeps think that he’s gone too far this time.

What will it take for Cobra to get the message? Only time will tell. 

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