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The River Does It Again at SAFTAs14

30 April 2020
The River swept the SAFTAS, winning awards for Best Achievement in Directing, Best Achievement in Scriptwriting and many more.
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The River ended its award show sweep this year by taking away Best Telenovela, Best Actress in a Telenovela and Best Supporting Actress in a Telenovela. The show entered the 2020 awards show with 15 nominations across a number of categories, including wardrobe, make-up and hairstyling, art directing and cinematography.

For many viewers, the highlight of the live online announcement was Sindi Dlathu who won Best Actress in a Telenovela. Sindi Dlathu who plays Lindiwe, the villain everyone loves to hate, was a firm favourite for many audiences. So much so, that when it was time to announce the winner in her category, SAFTAs YouTube live stream was inundated with comments from viewers vouching for her.

Another win for the popular telenovela was Mary-Anne Barlow’s Win under the Best Supporting Actress category. You’ll remember that Mary-Anne came into the show as the charismatic and down-to-earth Gail Mathabatha. Not one to back down from a fight, Gail gave Lindiwe a good run for her money, but in the end, Lindiwe was not going to let Gail take over everything she worked so hard for.

A huge win for The River was taking home the Best Telenovela award. This is the second time in a row that Tshedza Pictures walks away with one of the most contested awards at the SAFTAs.

Below is the list of awards that The River won last night:

Best Telenovela

Best Actress - Telenovela

Best Supporting Actress - Telenovela

Best Achievement in Sound - TV Soap/ Telenovela

Best Achievement in Editing - TV Soap/ Telenovela

Best Achievement in Wardrobe - TV Soap/ Telenovela

Best Achievement in Directing - Telenovela

Best Achievement in Scriptwriting - Telenovela

Best Achievement in Make-Up and Hairstyling - TV Soap/Β Telenovela

Best Achievement in Cinematography - Telenovela

Another huge congratulations to the cast and crew of The River and a huge thank you to all of the viewers!