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Somebody Warn Mosa – The River

15 October 2019
Did Mosa not hear what happened to his cousin, Happy?
Mosa blackmails Lindiwe and Zolani on The River

Yoh! Mosa doesn’t know when to take social cues, even when they’re staring him in the face. Last night, the question on everyone’s timelines was whether anyone had warned Mosa against Lindiwe? And not just any Lindiwe, we’re talking about Madlabantu kay’one!

This after Mosa had the audacity to blackmail Lindiwe into giving him half a million rand in exchange to keep his mouth shut about Andile beating him up to a pulp. You’d think that being Happy’s cousin, Mosa would know better than to mess with Lindiwe, but evidently not.

Watch: Andile Beats Up Mosa

If you recall, Happy’s life came to an abrupt end after he too wanted to extort some money off Lindiwe – we’re talking hundreds of thousands of rands. He was getting so big for his boots that he even pushed the initial figure into the millions. Although Happy had some incriminating information against Lindiwe that could have possibly sent her behind bars for years, everyone knows that you don’t step on Lindiwe’s toes repeatedly and think you’ll walk away scot-free.

Remember this?

Mosa is slowly but surely pushing Lindiwe’s buttons too, and if he’s not careful he might just end up like his cousin. Even tweeps know this…

Will Mosa take a leaf out of Happy's unhappy ending and walk away while Lindiwe is still playing it cool or will he have to learn the hard way?

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