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Rest In Peace Tumi Chant The River Fans

18 January 2021
Well, if Lindiwe’s reputation is anything to go by, Tumi could possibly be history.
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What would you do if you found out the one person you trusted with all your life, had been lying and had betrayed you in the worst way possible? Well, that’s exactly what Lindiwe rather devastatingly found out. After months of building a strong relationship with Tumi, it would seem that everything the two built is on the verge of crumbling down; this after Lindiwe found out that Tumi killed Mbali.

Mohumi tears Tumi and Lindiwe apart

The trouble started when Mohumi decided he wanted to “build a relationship” with his daughter. Although hesitant at first, Tumi finally decided to visit her father and find out what he wanted from her. Now, while there’s no harm in setting some time aside to get to know the father you never knew when it comes to Tumi, things get a little problematic

Here’s why…

First, she’s easily manipulated and second, she’s gullible.

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As you may know, Mohumi has a vendetta against Lindiwe because she not only exploited him and Thato Mokoena when they were employed at Khanyisa Diamonds, but she also killed Thato who was Mohumi’s best friend. And if you’ve been an avid viewer of The River since season one, (if you haven’t you can binge-watch all The River episodes on Showmax), you’ll also know that if you want to hit Lindiwe where it hurts the most, you need to interfere with her family.

Knowing this, Mohumi steadily turned Tumi against Lindiwe. He brought up old files and reopened wounds Tumi had healed from. Before long, Tumi turned her back against Lindiwe and opted to spend more time visiting her father. The more time Tumi listened to Mohumi, the furtherer she drifted away from Lindiwe.

Lindiwe finds out Tumi killed Mbali

Witnessing Tumi’s changed behaviour, Lindiwe panicked. She had lost Mbali and was not about to lose Tumi to a man she knew did not have her daughter’s best intentions at heart. But no matter how hard Lindiwe tried to make Tumi see Mohumi for who he really is, the more Tumi sided with her father.

In fact, things got trickier when Mohumi had himself attacked in prison and made it seem as if Lindiwe was out to kill him. All hell broke loose.

Tumi lied about her whereabouts and was unstoppable. It soon became evident that the only way to find out what Tumi and Mohumi were up to, was to bug Tumi’s room. Little did Lindiwe know that she was setting herself up for heartbreak.

Tshabalala did as he was told and delivered the recordings to Lindiwe. While Lindiwe was heartbroken from the manner in which Tumi spoke about her, nothing could prepare her for the recording in which Tumi admitted to killing Mbali. Lindiwe heard word-to-word that Tumi had mistakenly killed Mbali instead of her.

What this means for Lindiwe and Tumi’s relationship is yet to be seen, but many predict that Tumi is as good as dead.

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