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Paulina Shifts The Blame onto Mabutho – The River

02 November 2020
Mabutho has been working overtime to cover his tracks surrounding Lindani’s hospitalization. But could his efforts be in vain?
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Now, we know that Paulina is overcome with grief ever since finding out that her younger brother Lindani is hospitalised. However, we never imagined that she’d hit the nail on the head after she accused Mabutho of purposely injuring her brother. If you haven’t watched the latest episode of The River, you had better do so right now because we’re about to spill the tea.

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For those who have, can we just talk about how unexpected Paulina’s questions and accusations towards Mabutho were! Although Mabutho’s encounters with Lindani have been filled with rage, hate and war, we didn’t think that Paulina or even anyone else’s first point of reference would be to blame Mabutho for Lindani’s accident.

However, Paulina surprised us when she accused Mabutho of intentionally hurting Lindani. We don’t think that Mabutho meant to hurt his cousin. Lindani had been pushing Tumi to tell the police or the Dikanas the truth about Mbali’s death ever since he overheard Tumi and Mabutho talking about the accident. Unsurprisingly, Mabutho has totally been against the idea to inform anyone about Tumi’s hand in Mbali’s death. Coming out with the truth would not only bring an end to Mabutho and Tumi’s romance, but it would also hurt Lindiwe more than anyone could ever imagine.

Knowing this, Mabutho was not for the idea and his anger towards Lindani grew stronger with each day that Mr Dlomo pushed Tumi to tell the truth. On the other hand, the more Lindani told Tumi that the truth would set her free, the more that guilt got the best her. Eventually, she was convinced that the truth would set her free and promised to at least tell Ntate Zweli what had really happened the day Mbali died.

But it was harder than Tumi thought it would be to tell Zweli the truth. One minute she was talking and the next she was having a panic attack. Mabutho walked in just at the right time to stop her from throwing her life away.

Realising that Tumi wasn’t prepared to be honest, Lindani wasn’t about to let the situation go and threatened to tell Zweli the truth himself. Mabutho and Lindani’s war reached a boiling point, and it soon became evident that only one of them was going to walk out of the Dikana’s home.

And it wasn’t Lindani.

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Now, he’s lying in the hospital fighting for his while, while Mabutho is working overtime to clean up any evidence that may point the crime scene to him. But it looks like no amount of cleaning up will save him from having brother’s blood on his hands.

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