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Mantwa Kidnaps Nomonde – The River

09 July 2020
Nomonde’s return from “Vietnam” has been nothing short of dramatic.
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What to do you when you owe someone copious amounts of money which you don't have? Well, if you’re Nomonde you kidnap and hold yourself ransom. After months of disappearing without a trace, The River's Nomonde turned up at her parents’ home unannounced before we found out that the real reason she came back is that she owed an old acquaintance, Mantwa, R3 million.

Mantwa Threatens to Tell the Dikanas the Truth

It soon became obvious that Mantwa wasn't going anywhere until she received what was owed to her. She stalked and harassed Nomonde with every opportunity that she got. But the last straw was when Nomonde found Mantwa happily chatting away with Lindiwe at the Dikana’s home. Mantwa revealed pictures of her escapades with Nomonde was ready to spill the tea about where Nomonde really was all those months. Sis had to spin Mantwa’s story real quick to save herself from the lies she’d already told her family.

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“What happened was that when I was doing my charity work, I won Volunteer of the Month three times in a row. That’s when I was flown to Qatar to present to them because we were doing great volunteer work where I was.

“And that’s where I met this lovely soul.”

Nomonde spun her way out of a tricky situation, leaving everyone except Lindiwe and Zolani convinced of the great work she’d done as a volunteer.

Nomonde Stages Her Own Kidnapping

So, when the Flora told the Dikanas of the great tragedy that had fallen upon them, Zweli went straight into panic mode. Lindiwe obviously didn’t buy Nomonde's kidnapping story and even went as far as predicting that in a couple of days, the family would receive a call demanding ransom money for Nomonde’s return.

And it wasn’t long before the Dikanas got the call from Vero asking them for R6 million. Unsurprisingly, Lindiwe wouldn’t budge. The ransom money situation got so intense between Lindiwe and Zweli that the two weren’t seeing eye-to-eye at all. This all the while Nomonde and Vero were living their best lives at The Oracle as they practised their next moves. The two had so much fun that many believed there was no way they were going to successfully execute their plan.

But uVero has years of experience in this game, and kidnapping Nomonde meant tugging at Zweli's heartstrings. Zweli did exactly as he was told and handed over the R6 million to Vero. Nomonde also followed through with her plan and gave Mantwa the R3 million that she owed her. But little did Nomonde know that Mantwa was going to turn against her and demand more money!

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Now, what was a joke has turned into a serious kidnapping, and the worst part is that the Dikanas have seen that Nomonde and Vero took them all for a ride. Will they believe her when she calls to say she's been kidnapped, again?

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