the river season 3

Lindiwe’s Plan to Use Mbali

10 July 2019
Lindiwe has a plan that involves her daughter, Mbali.
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Life has hit Lindiwe hard, harder than any of us could ever imagine it would. Imagine having it all; a successful mining business, a beautiful family and a very loving husband, and losing everything at the drop of a hat. But if there’s one thing that this struggle has taught Lindiwe, it’s never to give up.

Lindiwe will literally use any opportunity to stay afloat. However, since revealing her intention to go back to her old life, she wants more than just to make it through the next day; she’s ready to work her way back to the top again.

The unfortunate part of Lindiwe’s fight to the top, is her ability to use even her family, especially when they show a sign of weakness. Mbali has always had a very soft spot for her mom, and who knows that better than Lindiwe herself?

After reaching out to Mbali and expressing just how much she misses her family, it didn’t take long for Mbali to run back to her mom’s arms. She also wasted very little time in filling her mom in on the latest developments in the Dikana home.

While Mbali is glad that her and her mom working their way back into each other’s lives again, it seems that Lindiwe is planning to use her daughter to go back to the life she once lived.

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