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Lindiwe’s Old Rival Returns to Town – The River

20 November 2020
Lindiwe's surprise birthday party was cut short when Mohumi, an old rival, entered the premise.
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Just when we thought the Dikanas were free of drama – following their battle with the Dlomos – Lindiwe’s surprise birthday was shockingly interrupted by an unwelcome guest. But if we’re being honest, when has a party at the Dikanas ever gone without any drama? Perhaps we were hoping things would go smoothly for a change – if only once.

Zweli and the rest of the Dikana family were so excited about Lindiwe’s birthday. They spent the whole week planning Lindiwe’s surprise party and made sure that Lindiwe didn’t even get a hint about the surprise they were planning. On her birthday, Mrs Dlamini-Dikana was woken up with hugs and kisses from Tumi and sent off on a spa treatment while the rest of the family finished setting up their home for the big reveal.

The Dikanas are surprised

However, it was the family and friends of the Dikanas who ended up being surprised when Lindiwe walked in with strangers who were pointing guns at everyone. Although the intruders didn’t say much, here’s what we know about one in particular:

Mohumi Ditshewene

Mohumi, played by Seputla Sebogodi, has a long history with Lindiwe. Not only was he once a Khanyisa Diamonds employee during the time of Thato Mokoena, whom he was remarkably close to and admired, he also grew up with Lindiwe.

He started from the bottom at the mine and worked his way up to foreman. Due to his shared passion with Thato for their people’s rights and his confrontational approach, he was elected as a union shop steward and later a secretary for the workers’ union. He was a constant thorn in Lindiwe’s side, questioning safety rights and salary packages. Mohumi and Thato were a formidable duo, although he sometimes proved more problematic than necessary, being the hot headed one while Thato Mokoena was more diplomatic.

His downfall at the hands of Lindiwe came when he led a complete shutdown of the mine over a salary increase. His strike spread into nearby mines, affecting the whole mining industry in the region. Lindiwe was still new in the mining industry and was under tremendous pressure to prove herself. She used the best skills at her disposal, manipulation and cunning, and framed Mohumi for stealing dynamite, which unbeknownst to her, was actually true. But with no real evidence, she convinced the police that he wanted to blow up not just her mine, but even neighbouring mines. Lindiwe was a hero and Mohumi was sentenced to 15 years in prison, but he only served 10 years and was released on good behaviour.

What Mohumi wants from Lindiwe is yet to be seen, but we know that whatever it is, it’s not good.

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