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Lindiwe is back in Refilwe

23 May 2019
Lindiwe and Zolani are back on The River, but things aren't looking good for either one of them.
Lindiwe and Zolani return

The moment that many people have been waiting for finally arrived in last night’s episode of The River. Lindiwe and Zolani pulled up to what was once their home in a taxi – a look that had many in total disbelief.

Lindiwe who has been out of the picture for what felt like forever humbly pressed the intercom and patiently waited for Lethu to open the gate so they could talk.

Did you ever think you’d see the day Lindiwe begged for anything?

Well, last night she ate some humble pie when she found herself pleading and begging for Zweli to open the gate. And when he finally did, she wanted to be let through to the house so she could see the kids and hopefully get some money from Zweli.

But even Zweli, who would have normally done anything for Lala, has evidently written Lindiwe off. When she tried to outsmart him by sprinting towards the house, he opened the hosepipe on her and soaked her with water from head to toe.

Zolani had to intervene to stop Zweli from opening the hosepipe a second time. Leaving with nothing, Lindiwe and Zolani made their way back into the taxi and headed for the one place Lindiwe never thought she'd set foot in again.

What Refilwe holds for Lindiwe is yet to be seen. But one thing we know is we’re here for all the drama, and if you are too, catch new episode of The River every weekday at 20:00 only on 1 Magic.

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