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Lindiwe Eating Cat Food has People in their Feels

06 June 2019
Things have turned dire for Lindiwe...
Lindiwe eats cat food

Lindiwe’s finances have hit rock bottom and it’s becoming a sad situation for many to deal with. To make matters worse, last night’s episode of The River showed the former powerhouse dreaming about happier times in her life, only to wake up to deafening knocks on her door.

On the day of her birthday, Lindiwe was interrupted by Sis’Matilda who came to collect the rest of her money with interest. She cleared just about all of Lindiwe’s belongings; which mind you, Lindiwe had forcibly taken from Flora’s shack (karma, maybe?)

As if the morning’s events weren’t enough to ruin Lindiwe’s day, Nomonde dropped by as well. Remembering that it was her stepmom’s birthday, Nomonde gifted Lindiwe with a tin of cat food and a tin opener, before reiterating to Lindiwe that a cat has nine lives and this was her last.

Scratching through her belongings, a hungry Lindiwe soon realized that all she had to eat was the leftover burnt pap in her pot and Nomonde’s cat food, which she painfully proceeded to do, much to many people’s sympathy:

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