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Lindiwe Dlamini-Dikana’s Trial: Prosecution Witness Recap

12 April 2019
Here's everything we know so far regarding Lindiwe's trial.
Lindiwe's trial

Lindiwe Dlamini-Dikana’s future isn’t looking too bright and it’s all because of the witnesses the Advocate Akhona Mayisela (played by Masasa Mbangeni) has brought to the witness stand during Lindiwe’s murder trial.

Lindiwe, who’s been charged with the murder of Thato Mokoena, has left the public rattled as facts, details and motives for Mr Mokoena’s death were laid out during court proceedings. The findings have also left news reporters and the public questioning Lindiwe’s innocence.

Here's the top evidence the prosecution presented:


Where the Diamond was Found

We all knew that as soon as Andile Dikana took to the stand he was going to tell the court everything he knew and recalled the day Thato Mokoena died. Giving his expert opinion about the Heart of Africa, Andile made it clear that the diamond was not found at the mine. “You can only find alluvial diamonds by the river,” he said.


The Medical Report

Ms Peters, the Forensic Scientist who gave a detailed analysis of Thato Mokoena’s exhumed body, also shared damning evidence. According to her, the initial post-mortem conducted on Mr Mokoena was a flimsy travesty. The second report indicated that Thato Mokoena was hit over the head and died from drowning.


The Flood at the Mine

Andile really went in deep with his testimony. When questioned about the “flood at the mine”, he made it clear that there was never a flood at the mine. He further shocked the court when he suggested that the only way Lindiwe’s dress would be soaked and muddy would be from the river.


Cellphone Tower Evidence

Another forensic expert came forward and provided evidence of Lindiwe and Zolani’s whereabouts the day Thato Mokoena was killed. Cellphone tower evidence suggested that Lindiwe and Zolani’s cellphone signals were near the river that day.

Given such strong evidence, and the defense's dismal attempt at attacking the facts, can Lindiwe and the defense team fight and win her trial?

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