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Lindiwe and Zolani Plot to Take the Baby and Kill Emma – The River

14 December 2020
Zolani and Lindiwe want Emma out the picture for good.
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Those who thought The River’s Emma was out of the picture for good, were ‘pleasantly” surprised when moghel showed up at the Dikana’s unannounced. However, this time around Zolani’s ex-wife came back with a different surprise - a bun in the oven.

But we all know that Emma lied her way into Zolani’s arms the first time, so who was to say the baby she is carrying is in fact Zolani’s?

Failing to win Zolani back by selling him the idea of starting a family, Emma soon found herself in the streets with no financial support. All the while, Zolani was grappling with the thought of whether or not the child Emma is carrying is actually his. To ease his concern of neglecting what could be his child, Lindiwe and Zolani forced a paternity test on Emma.

When the results were out and it became evident Zolani is the father, Emma got what she wanted and moved back into the mansion. Unsurprisingly, Lindiwe is not happy at all with this new arrangement and she was even more unhappy when it looked like Emma was again trying to worm her way back into Zolani’s arms, who was looking more and more like a gone boy.

“It will end in tears,” she said as she came across Zolani and Emma all cosied up. She proceeded to ruin the intimate moment between the two by reminding Zolani that of all of Emma’s past transgressions.

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Zolani woke up from his sleep, and since then has switched up on Emma, much to her oblivion. And for once, it seems as if it’s Emma who may be last to the finish line as Lindiwe and Zolani plan her exit right under her nose.

Will this be the end of Emma? Or will she catch onto what’s going on? See how things unfold when The River Season 3 airs Monday to Friday at 20:00 on 1 Magic.