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Twitter is Mad at Lindani – The River

14 January 2020
Lindani had just one job to do.
Lunga Shabalala The River

When you have a reputation and a long history of being involved in criminal activities, police are without a doubt going to knock on your door looking for answers whenever there's a crime that has been committed. Hence, when Lindiwe’s diamonds were stolen during her extravagant Khanyisa Diamonds Launch, it was no surprise that Mrs Dlamini-Dikana knew exactly that the culprit is Cobra.

Missed the Khanyisa Diamonds Launch? View the gallery below for all the glitz, glamour and drama.


And Cobra has been in this game long enough to know that the minute news of the stolen diamonds reached Lindiwe’s ears, he’d be suspect number. So, knowing that Khabzela would not be able to keep the news to himself, Cobra asked the most unassuming guy in Refilwe, Lindani to hide the stolen diamonds for him until he could find a buyer. 

Although Lindani was very hesitant at first, he surprisingly agreed to help his brother-in-law. However, when you work for a boss lady like Lindiwe who'll go to any lengths to get what she wants, you're bound to shake from the core when she throws her threats around. Lindani is also not one to endorse or be involved in any kind of crime, so it came as no surprise when he freaked out the moment Lindiwe threatened to make an example of anyone who had the balls and audacity to steal from her.

With panic and worry consuming him, Lindani told Charlie that he was hiding the diamonds - he had one job to do! One!!!

Has Lindani gotten himself into more trouble?

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