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It’s Always a Bad Time When The River’s Kim is Around

31 October 2019
And Zolani learnt the hard way.
Zolani and Kim The River

Everyone who loves hosting parties knows that while it's a good idea to invite as many people as possible for a bomb party, the number one rule is NEVER to extend the party invitation to troublemakers. It’s great when your party is the talk of the town, but at the same time, you want people to remember the good, great and best parts of the celebration.

And while many people would think this is general knowledge, we’d wish the Dikana kids, especially Zolani, would take a leaf out the Party Hosting 101 Book. While the Dikanas have become synonymous for throwing the most lavish parties, time has proved that it’s not a Dikana celebration without some kind of drama.

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This time around, trouble came dressed in a tight black number and ready to give Mavusana a nice time. Kim, whom we’ve known for always showing up at the Dikanas for a good time and leaving a bitter taste (without fail), was invited by Zolani for Mavusana’s prison break party.

Do you remember the time Kim left the Dikanas with no furniture?

And the time she nearly put an end to Zolani and Tumi’s marriage?

Basically, having Kim around is the worst idea!

Now Mbali, who’s at least learnt this, was ready to throw Kim out. But Zolani wasn’t having any of it and wanted his friend to just have a good time.

And a great time it was until Mavusana came running down the stairs with fear written all over his face. Kim had died! 🙆

… In Lindiwe and Zweli’s bed! 😱

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