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Is Lindiwe Behind Andile & Njabulo's Homophobic Attack?

01 October 2019
Andile and Njabulo's recent engagement has not sat well at all with Lindiwe. But is she to blame for the attack on the two lovebirds?
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Who doesn't love a good love story? It's even sweeter when the couple is head-over-heels in love with each other and neither one is afraid to show it. This is why many people can not get enough of Andile and Njabulo's relationship. After years of living up to his mom's expectations, Andile finally came out of the closet, all thanks to the love of his life, Njabulo.

Since then, Andile has been living his truth unapologetically.

Lindiwe, who at first refused to accept that her son is gay, had to learn the hard way to accept her son's sexuality. But it seems that recent news of her son's engagement to Njabulo didn't sit well at all with the Dikana matriarch. Although she claimed to be open to Andile's sexuality, Andile's engagement announcement seemed to have reignited old (but maybe never forgotten feelings).

Opening up to Zweli, she expressed how worried she is about Andile's safety. According to her, Andile's "lifestyle" as she's termed it, is dangerous and full of horror and judgment. In fact, she'd be much happier if Andile did not act on his feelings, and led a "normal" life.

Now the question is, is Lindiwe really worried about her son's safety or has she not accepted Andile for who he is?

However, the concerns she raised were valid as Njabulo and Andile found themselves involved in a horrific homophobic attack while celebrating their engagement in Refilwe.

... And many tweeps have been pointing their fingers at none either than Lindiwe (we've all learned from past experiences that Lindiwe doesn't hesitate with eliminating anyone who doesn't fit into her life).

Would Lindiwe go as far as potentially killing Njabulo?

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