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Has The River's Zweli Jumped to his Death?

16 July 2019
Ever since dating Gail, Zweli has been living on the edge, and perhaps too close for comfort.
Zweli The River

Gail Mathabatha, who’s taken over the Khanyisa Diamonds’ reigns, is in control of more than just Lindiwe Dlamini-Dikana’s business. She’s taken over Lindiwe’s family too; Zweli is head over heels in love with the new Khanyisa CEO, the kids (except Mbali) love Gail and she’s even spent a night or two in Lindiwe’s bed. Not to mention, making herself comfortable in Lindiwe's sleepwear.

Beyond basically stepping into Lindiwe’s role, Gail has also brought out a new, younger side out of Zweli. From wardrobe changes, riding bikes, to facing his fears, Zweli has become quite acquainted with living life on the edge, something he would have never even dreamed of when he was still married to Lindiwe.

Obviously, the news has left a rather bitter taste in Lindiwe’s mouth. So much so, that she ordered Zolani to get rid of Gail once and for all, upon hearing the news that she was going bungee jumping with Zweli.

Doing as he was told, Zolani cut the harness he thought Gail would be strapped up in, only for Zweli to use the very same harness... 

A mess, we know! 

Although very hesitant to face his fears, with Gail behind his back, Zweli trod closer to the bungee jumping point until he was right at the edge.

And after getting over his disbelief, Zweli took the plunge and jumped off the Soweto Towers.

… Is it to his death? Will we have to tell his story?

Tune into The River tonight at 20:00 to find out.