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Everyone Worries about Judith Sephuma’s Safety – The River

16 August 2019
Is Judith Sephuma alive?
judith sephuma

How many adjectives can one use to describe just how lit The River was last night? The Angolans crept in their numbers and all hell broke loose when they started opening fire. However, the biggest question on everyone’s Twitter timelines was, did Judith Sephuma make it out alive?

Celebrations for Gail and Zweli’s wedding were well underway; drinks were flowing, the food was making rounds and Judith Sephuma was keeping the crowd on their feet until Lindiwe put everything to a screeching halt.

Before we knew it, the Angolans were closing in on the Dikana mansion and guests who managed to make a run for it, were either hiding in the Dikana mansion or taking cover anywhere they could be out of harm’s way.

But, one minute, Judith Sephuma looked like she was trying to understand what the commotion was about, and the next minute she and her band members were nowhere to be found.

And Twitter couldn’t help but worry:

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