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Disappoint Us Again Paulina – The River

18 December 2020
Paulina are back together again and seem happier.
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Cobra and Paulina have been embroiled in one hell of a roller coaster ride. And as loyal viewers, we’ve travelled and rooted for them as one minute, they love each and the next, they call it quits. But even as a loyal viewer, you also get tired of the ups and downs and inconsistencies in the relationship, and it would seem as if Paulina was done with being strung along on Cobra’s fantasies.

Well, at least that’s what we thought until the latest episode of The River. Watch it here.

Paulina calls it quits

After a lekker night of passionate lovemaking, Cobra was sure that he and Paulina were on the same path. Without wasting time, he told his friends of his beautiful night with Paulina, and before long, the word was out on the streets that he and Paulinski were back together. Little did he know that Paulina did not feel the same way. Cobra was left confused when Paulina told him that nothing had changed between them.

Paulina puts herself first

As you know, Paulina has been by Cobra’s side through everything he’s gone through. From his baby momma drama with Angelina, to his issues with Morena and most recently, supporting him during Keitumetse’s court case. But no matter how often Paulina shows Cobra that she loves him, he always returns the favour by hurting her.

However, this time around Paulina convinced us that she was done being Cobra’s playgirl. She was done with being his booty call, done with the inconsistency and Cobra’s empty promises. She was looking for a committed relationship with someone who will respect, motivate and support her in her goals. She even went as far as letting him know that she didn’t want to have a family with him.

And we were all rooting for her.

Cobra tried to sweet-talk his way back into her arms and begging and pleading for Paulina’s forgiveness, but it seemed Paulina was determined to put herself first.

Cobra and Paulina are back together…


But it would seem that in the end, love always wins. Cobra and Paulina are back in each other’s arms, more in love than ever before. Although, not everyone is happy with their reunion.

Will it end in tears again? Catch new episodes of The River on weekdays at 20:00 on 1 Magic.