the river season 3

Dambisa’s Lies Catch Up to Her

29 November 2019
It was only a matter of time before Lindiwe exposed Dambisa for who she really is.
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When Lindiwe says she’s working on a plan to bring you down, you’d better pack your bags and make your way out. More especially when you spit in her face. But Dambisa, who was getting too big for her boots had to learn this the hard way.

Double D, as Dambisa is affectionately known, surprised the Dikanas with her huge nappy-making business idea. She soon revealed that there was no business to start off with and that her plan was to scam the Dikanas of R200 000 to pay back the family’s stokvel money that she’d misused.

Of course, Lindiwe saw right through her the minute she walked through the door, but for the naïve Dikanas like Zweli and Andile his son, Dambisa’s emotional manipulation worked like a charm; to an extent that Andile took out a loan of R300 000 to invest in Dambisa’s nappy making business.

The minute Lindiwe heard of this, she not only lost her mind, but she started planning ways to expose Dambisa’s lies. However, it wasn’t as easy as Lindiwe hoped it would be as Ms Dikana was always a step ahead of Lindiwe.

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Lindiwe soon realized that she’d need to take drastic measures if she wanted to expose Dambisa for misusing the Dikana’s stokvel money.

Playing along with Dambisa and Makhulu’s big plan of throwing the wildest stokvel party, Lindiwe flew in Qaqamba – Dambisa’s cousin and partner in crime. Threatened with the possibility of going behind bars, Qaqamba told Lindiwe and Zolani the whole truth!

Dressed to impress and ready to hand her relatives their dividends for the year, Dambisa was cut very short when Qaqamba told the whole Dikana clan of how Dambisa had withdrawn the funds and bought herself a brand-new car!

Imagine the horror on Zweli and Mama’s faces when the truth was revealed.

While Lindiwe just sipped her wine and watched as the drama unfolded.

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