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Connecting Kedibone's Dots – The River

16 September 2019
Wondering who Kedibone really is? Here's what we know so far.
Kedibone The River

If you like many have been asking yourself what the story is with Kedibone, we’ve been just as curious to find out who she really is. So far, we know for sure that she’s the late Thato Mokoena’s sister, but as news of her return spreads through Refilwe, we’re finally learning that there’s more to the Mokoena’s rakgadi than she’s let on.

Here’s what we know so far:

  1. Kedibone has served some time behind bars.
  2. She was once a maths and science teacher – Mistress Mokoena to be exact.
  3. She was even awarded a Community Service Award.
  4. She was married to Khabzela’s father

Now beyond the basics, and if the news shared by gossipmongers Paulina and Beauty is anything to go by, it would seem that Kedibone was in an unhealthy relationship with Khabzela’s father. Although facts are still sketchy, it would seem that Kedibone was behind bars for stabbing Khabzela’s father after he was physical with her.

Khabzela’s side of the story is also missing certain events, but he’s evidently upset over her return.

Only time will tell what will transpire from Kedibone’s return to Refilwe, but we’re here for every bit of the action.

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