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Cobra & Paulina's Wedding Drama

19 March 2019
Cobra and Paulina's wedding came with its fair share of drama.
Cobra and Paulina get married

Cobra finally put some action into marrying his long-time girlfriend Paulina. Using Lindiwe’s “white monopoly capital” money, Cobrizi pulled off the best traditional wedding ceremony for Paulina.

But of course, the wedding came with its fair share of drama; from gallbladders, questionable plans and the troublesome Angelina.  Here are a few moments that had us shock.


Paulina’s mom

We hadn’t seen anything of Paulina and Lindani’s mom until news of the wedding hit the streets. Zodwa, played by Winnie Ntshaba, decided that she wasn’t going to miss her daughter’s wedding for the world (or should we rather say, the opportunity to milk the Mokoena’s for everything they had).

And with Vero by her side, the duo pulled all sorts of stunts to get as much money of Cobra as possible.


The stolen cow

Where there are Oupa and Percy, there’s trouble. This time the trouble came in the form of a stolen cow. On the day of Umkhehlo, police came knocking on the Mokoena’s doors asking questions about a missing cow. To that, Oupa and Mapercente made a run for it, leaving poor Cobrizi to find a plan B for delivering the gallbladder to the Dlomos.


Angelina the troublemaker

Angelina is another one who has become a major problem for Cobra and the Mokoenas. When she saw that Paulina and Cobra were getting married, girl came dressed in a wedding dress and brought her own squad of bridesmaids. She proceeded to throw accusations at Paulina, in the hope that the wedding would stop.

Even through all the drama, Cobra and his lekker Paulinsky said: “I do!”

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