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Cobra is on a Slippery Slope – The River

20 August 2019
Cobra is becoming a hazard to himself.
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Ever since being called out for corruption, Refilwe’s favourite guy Thuso “Cobra” Mokoena has never been the same again. You’ll recall that Thuso was living massively after winning Refilwe’s councilor elections. From furnishing his family’s shack to buying a brand-new car and filling up tables at Paulina’s tavern, Cobra had a taste of the lavish life.

However, as the saying goes, easy come, easy goes, Cobra’s good life came to a fast and screeching stop after corruption rumours circulated in the councillorship. Sis’Dora became state witness during police investigations into the corruption allegations, and spilled the beans on every dirty tender fraud secret Cobra was ever involved in. Before he knew it, Cobra was voted out the councillorship.

As he lost the money, so he also lost all hope in his life. Turning to alcohol, Cobra starting spending copious amounts of money on alcohol; even going as far as using Tumi’s lobola money to feed into his habit.

His family staged an intervention to help him out the dark pit he’d spiraled into and it seemed like Cobrizi Mr Easi had realized his mistake and was ready to turn his life around. But before we knew it, he was back on the bottle again.

And it looks like things are only going to get worse for Cobra and his sisters as he continues to drink himself silly and struggles to hold his urine in.

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