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Cobra Gets Himself in Trouble Again – The River

04 September 2019
Cobra does it again!
Cobra The River

It’s either Cobra will never learn his lesson, or trouble follows him everywhere he goes.

Whatever the matter is, Cobra can never seem to get it right in life. Barely a few hours after being awarded his new traffic cop job, Cobra has once again found himself in hot water. In fact, things look so bad for him right now that he might even have to hang up his traffic cop hat before he’s worn it.

If you’ve missed a few of the latest episodes of The River, let’s fill you in:

We all know that the South African economy has hit everyone’s pockets hard and it’s even harder on the poor and those without jobs. Tumi, who’s currently the only breadwinner in the Mokoena household has tried everything in her power to make ends meet, but with a brother like Cobra, it seems that with every step she takes forward, Cobra ensures that the family takes ten steps back.

Cobra who promised his family to stay off the bottle and get his life together has gone back on his word and pulled the biggest blunder of all. He orchestrated a whole robbery on Tumi in an effort to get R10 000 to pay Tshabalala itshotsho for a job - we don’t know whether to be mad at him for the robbery or feel sorry for him for the injustices the poor are faced with.

Anyway, finally getting his way, Cobra threw it in his friends’ faces that he was Refilwe’s newest traffic cop, and in true Cobra style, called for a young celebrizzy. Our question is, how do people choose to hurt those closest to them? Cobra excels in this department.

Long story short, he stole his friend’s taxi, which mind you, is Khabzela’s bread and butter, and in a drunken state, drove it straight into a pillar.

Now, not only is Khabzela out of a job, Cobra has abandoned the taxi and his injured friends, and he could face jail time for theft, drunken driving and fleeing the accident scene.

Cobra never learns.

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