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Charlie Is Back and No One Can Believe It – The River

16 September 2020
Khabzela has been run over by the same Charlie that Lindiwe shot.
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Oh, Makhabaza 💔

Gone are the days when Refilwe’s Mr Funny Guy would exchange banter with his friend Cobra as they laughed over the township’s latest and hottest gossip. These days, Khabzela is a shadow of his former self and it’s been heartbreaking to watch.

Ever since losing his mom to a fire, Khabzela has never been the same again. He has not stopped blaming himself for Regina’s death, even as his friends told him it was an accident. Failing to cope with her loss, Khabzela first turned to alcohol. Nothing his friends (and really family) said could save him from the guilt he felt from ignoring his mother’s phone calls as she burnt to death.

Khabzela has been so consumed by grieve that he even took things further and turned to drugs as a coping mechanism. Slowly we watched him as he’s lost himself to the drugs; never even trying to turn his life around. Not even Flora and Cobra’s efforts could save him from the pits of hell he’s been in. Instead, he turned against his friends; cursing, stealing and lying to them.

In the end, it became obvious that his friends could not help him unless he was ready to help himself. A realisation that to date, never come to fruition. In fact, things took a wrong turn when MaKhabaza started wandering around the streets aimlessly in search of his next hit. This after his nyaope friends ran away from him after he’d gotten high on their supply without their knowledge.

As he was strolling the streets of Refilwe, Khabzela was run over by none other than Charlie!

While Charlie couldn’t believe who he’d run over, Twitter cannot understand how he’s alive.

If you remember, Lindiwe shot him after he was forced by Mabutho (and subsequently Tumi) into taking the fall for Mbali’s death.

We think he has A LOT of explaining to do. Stick to The River DStv Channel 103, Mondays to Fridays at 20:00 to find out how he made it out alive.

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