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5 Things We Loved About Nsizwa and Kedibone’s Love Story – The River

17 July 2020
Malume Nsizwa and Kedibone gave us a love story like no other.
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Could this be the end of Kedibone and Malume Nsizwa’s beautiful love story? Many of us are struggling with the thought of it, but Nsizwa’s unresponsiveness in tonight’s episode of The River, could signal that he has succumbed to his illness.

Even though this may be true, there are many reasons to look back with a smile at Rakgadi and Nsizwa’s romance. We’ve picked a few:

#5: Nsizwa’s persistence

With so many “fish in the sea” these days, not many people will stick around if the person they are pursuing won’t give in. Nsizwa proved to us that you shouldn’t rush a lady. Even when Rakgadi was giving him the run around (thanks to Cobra’s meddling), he was patient with her.

#4: Kedibone’s innocence

You didn’t have to look far to realise that Rakgadi loved Nsizwa very much. And even when she tried to hide her feelings in fear of her past, Dimpho and Cobra could see right through her. Eventually, after dealing with her past experience, we saw Kedibone go out of her way to keep the love she’d found with Malume Nsizwa.

#3: Nsizwa’s patience

In the same vein, Malume Nsizwa was very tolerant and understanding of Kedibone’s past. Not once, did we see Nsizwa push Rakgadi to move what had happened between her and Jacob. Instead, he promised to be Rakgadi’s support system through it all.

#2: Rakgadi’s fighting spirit

Another quality we loved about Rakgadi, is her fighting spirit. Now, this is one lady that you don’t want to mess with. The nurses at the hospital tried it and so did the superintendent, but each time Rakgadi showed us that no one stops her from getting what she wants. Although Nsizwa’s treatment came a little too late, she’ll go down in our books for shaking up the systems at their core.

#1: Nsizwa and Rakgadi’s love for each other

When Nsizwa first came in, we immediately fell in love with his charisma, patience and the fact that he absolutely adored Rakgadi and wasn’t afraid to show it. Rakgadi was also head over heels in love with Nsizwa. The two lovebirds were never shy to show their love for one another and constantly expressed this love. They showed us that love conquers all.

Nsizwa and Rakgadi’s love story will forever be embedded in our hearts for its purity.

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