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4 Times Vero Brought Life on The River

19 February 2019
There’s never a dull moment when Veronica is around.
Ferry Jele plays Veronica on The River

Veronica, played by Ferry Jele, is trouble and there’s no denying it.

She gave us a hint into her true colours the day she walked through the Dikana gates, unannounced, and grabbed Zweli’s bottle of champagne right out of his hands.

She’s crazy, carefree and most of all, the most corrupt con artist TV has come to know.

Here are four times Vero brought life to The River.


1. The moment she threw a house party at the Dikanas and invited the whole of Refilwe

Veronica isn’t well off. But when you have a sister like Lindiwe who has it all, you use any opportunity you have to milk her for everything. Vero saw a chance just to do that the day that the Dikanas went away for vacation. She didn’t waste any time and maximized on the Dikanas’ absence by throwing the mother of all parties for her friends in Refilwe.


2. When Zolani confessed to witnessing Lindiwe kill Thato Mokoena

Vero despises Lindiwe and she doesn’t hide it. Not only did Lindiwe turn her son, Zolani, against her, but when Zolani told her that he’d witnessed his aunt kill Thato Mokoena, she saw it as an opportunity to blackmail Lindiwe, constantly reminding her that she’d killed Thato Mokoena.


3. The time the women of prayer “healed” her

Veronica and church are like oil and water; they don’t mix (unless of course during the time she prayed for Lindiwe’s death).

So, when a prayerful Flora invited the church ladies to pray for Vero’s healing the time she couldn’t walk, Vero wasn’t having any of it. One minute she was lifeless on her wheelchair, and the next she shaking to signal that the ladies’ prayers were working.


4. When Nomonde found out that Veronica was not bound to her wheelchair

When it comes to people closest to Lindiwe who’ll do anything to see her suffer, Nomonde and Veronica are constantly competing for the number one stop.

So, when Nomonde found Veronica snooping around Lindiwe’s office instead of sitting quietly in her wheelchair, it was game over for Vero; her secret was no longer a secret. Of course, the two soon realized that they share one thing in common; their hate for Lindiwe.

Even though they haven’t quite figured out how to take down Lindiwe once and for all, together they make a stronger team.

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