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Zweli throws Lindiwe out onto the streets

30 April 2019
Zweli chases Lindiwe out the Dikana mansion.
Lindiwe leaves the mansion

Twitter was left in complete disbelief by Zweli’s reaction after he found out that Lindiwe had lied to him about Thato Mokoena’s murderer as well as Tumi’s attempted murder.

No one was ever prepared for the manner in which Zweli handled the whole situation. Mind you, this is the man who stood by his wife while his own family was turning their backs against her. He even went as far as agreeing to be Lindiwe’s alibi during her trial, and because of his testimony, Lindiwe was acquitted of the murder charge.

So, when he found out that Christo Adriaanse was, in fact, alive and that Lindiwe blind-sided him, he was raging with anger. In a matter of hours, Zweli grew a gut, a liver and balls. After informing her of his discovery, Zweli told Lindiwe that the cars, the house, the money and the mine are to stay with him and the kids, and she’s to leave immediately.

With nothing but two black bags in hand, Lindiwe and Zolani made their way out the Dikana mansion, and tweeps couldn’t believe it.

Where Lindiwe and Zolani will go, no one knows, but if Zweli's reaction is anything to go by, he can't care less. Watch The River every Monday to Friday at 20:00 only on 1 Magic, DStv Channel 103.