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Will The River's Tumi and Lindani ever reconcile?

30 May 2018
Zolani has gone and ruined a good thing between Tumi and Lindani.
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Just when we were celebrating Tumi and Lindani’s relationship, Zolani could not sit back and watch a good thing be. Since finding out that the two lovebirds had finally found it in each other’s arms, Zolani could not contain his jealousy and went out of his way to make sure the two separated.

How did he manage to break up their relationship?

Zolani couldn’t have found a better accomplice in Khabonina – a woman scorned by a love that was never returned. As that wasn’t enough to get Khabonina on his side, when he overheard that Khabonina was a single mother, Zolani used the situation as bait to ensure Tumi wanted nothing to do with Lindani.

Adamant to prove his innocence, Lindani took a paternity test – which Zolani offered to pay for (why this didn’t raise any suspicions with Lindani, we’re still asking ourselves as well).

Nonetheless, with Zolani’s hand in the paternity testing, things were bound to go pear-shaped… And boy did they not end well for the couple.

Confident in the results of the test, Lindani made a spectacle of the announcement, asking Tumi isithandwa sakhe to read the results out loud.

Needless to say, after revealing the POSITIVE results of the test, Tumi could not believe her ears and made a run for it.

Since then, Lindani has been attempting to reconcile with Tumi, but she won’t hear any of it.

Will the two lovebirds ever be able to recover from the hurt, and reconcile?

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