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Who is The River’s Sheree Jacobson?

27 June 2018
That’s Sheree with a double “e”.
sheree jacobson

Lindiwe Dlamini is off to India to attend a workshop and has hired mining professor Sheree (with double ‘e’) Jacobson to watch over Khanyisa Diamonds in her absence.

A little background check on Sheree reveals that she’s a skilled professional with impressive credentials. She’s married to a man who’s currently in Sierre Leone.

She’d like people to know that she’s humble, but deep down, her achievements are all she has and therefore, holds onto them for dear life.

Sheree is full of compliments and she comes across as the friend you need in your circle. But if there’s anything that life has thought many is that a very few people have squeaky clean backgrounds.

The question is how long will it take before Sheree’s past is unraveled?

Tune in every Monday to Friday to follow Sheree as she reveals more of herself on The River.

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