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What Goes Around, Comes Around

18 April 2019
Tumi had it coming!
Lindani lies in court

The phrase “What goes around, comes around”, couldn’t have been better displayed than in last night’s episode of The River.

Lindiwe did what many in her position and power would do when she paid Lindiwe an unexpected visit in Refilwe and promised to influence Paulina’s release from jail in exchange for a testimony in her favour.

Lindani who has been nothing but loyal to the Mokoenas was put in a very compromising position as Lindiwe’s offer was probably the only way Paulina would walk away from a possible 10-year sentence.

Taking to the witness stand and doing what many would probably have done, Lindani told the court that Tumi had suggested that he lie about Lindiwe’s attempt to kill her. Poor Tumi was devastated and could do nothing but shout in disbelief as Lindani turned the truth on its head.

However, Twitter stood by Lindani’s side:

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