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Vero is dying of cancer and Twitter isn’t buying her story

19 March 2018
Vero is A LOT!
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The River’s Vero has set Twitter and the rest of social media abuzz since her appearance last week on the telenovela.

As soon as she walked through the Dikana gates and grabbed Zweli’s champagne bottle right out of his hands to down it, Twitter knew she was going to be A LOT!

And boy has she lived up to her first impressions.

Since announcing that she is dying of stage 4 cancer, Vero has shown to be a drama queen who’s in it for more than just reconnecting with her son, Zolani.

Starting with her health which Twitter doesn’t believe is even true:

The township queen has shaken up more than what we expected – even going as far as trashing the Dikana’s mansion as she threw a party for what looked like the whole of Cullinan.

Which left Twitter shook!

The question is now, will Lindiwe forgive Vero?

You don’t want to miss The River tonight at 20:00!

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