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Twitter reacts: What Malefu did to Tumi is unfair

19 October 2018
Twitter cannot believe their eyes when Tumi is prayed over.
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Nobody can believe that Malefu and the Refilwe community could condemn Tumi and drag her to her knees for apparently wrecking Khabonina and Lindani marriages. We all knew that kissing Lindani back after he initiated the kiss was wrong. But for the whole community to paint her as a homewrecker was taking it too far.

So, if you need to be brought up to speed, Paulina visited Malefu to tell her she was unhappy with Tumi meddling in Lindani and Khabonina’s marriage. She went on to say that Tumi had not returned the gift Lindani had bought her. At this point, Malefu promised to talk to Tumi.

But it turned out to be less of a talk between mother and daughter, and rather a spectacle in which Tumi was humiliated in front of the prayer ladies. The ladies prayed over Lindani and Khabonina, asking for their marriage to be saved from the hands of Tumi who “had been possessed by a demon”.

Twitter could not believe their eyes when Tumi was dragged to her knees and painted as a homewrecker:

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Will the ladies' prayer save Lindani and Khabonina's marriage? We'll see when The River airs tonight on 1Magic at 20:00.