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Twitter reacts to Lindiwe's bribe

17 April 2019
The question is: Should Lindani work with or against Lindiwe?
Lindiwe pays Lindani a visit on The River

If there’s anything anyone who follows The River has learnt about Lindiwe, it's that she’ll pull ANY strings to get what she wants. Even with the ongoing trial where you’d think there’s no way she’d outsmart the law, she’s managed to pull more tricks than her very own lawyer, Sandra Stein.

The latest in her string of gimmicks since the trial began, is visiting the last person anyone thought would ever cross Lindiwe’s mind; Lindani Dhlomo. On top of the murder charge that Lindiwe is facing, she has also been charged with the attempted murder of Itumeleng Mokoena.

Last night, the court heard how Lindiwe tried to bury Tumi alive, and how, Lindani who was watching the whole thing unfold, saved Tumi just in the nick of time. However, now that Lindani is asking for Tumi and the Mokoena’s help in bailing out his sister, Paulina, the family has turned their backs against the Dhlomos and seemingly forgotten that Lindani saved Tumi’s life.

So, in walked in Lindiwe into Lindani’s home, surprising him and us as she threw her power and money in his face. She’s willing to pay any amount of money to set Paulina free, but what should Lindani do?

Twitter peeps came out with their predictions:

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