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Twitter hopes that Zweli and Sheree’s night of intimacy was a dream

02 July 2018
The nerve and audacity of Sheree. Lindiwe must come back from India, says Twitter.
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For many Twitter fans, Sheree Jacobson's arrival to Pretoria and subsequent introduction into the Dikana mansion had TROUBLE in capital letters written all over it.

Not long before Lindiwe invited Sheree into her home, trusted her with the management of Khanyisa Diamonds to Sheree and left for India, did Sheree make herself comfortable. So comfortable that she quickly warmed up to Zweli.

Many suspected that her developing friendship with Zweli would go too far, and WOW were they right. Before many could say Lindiwe should come back from India, was Sheree undressing the Dikana's main bedroom right INFRONT of Zweli. Finding hard to resist the temptation, Zweli gave into her advances and the rest is history.

Twitter was quick to react to their night of passion with many crossing their fingers that it was all a dream.

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