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Twitter cries with the Mokoenas

14 January 2019
Malefu kicked Tumi out and Twitter couldn't take it.
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The last couple of days of Season 1 of The River have been nothing short of heart-wrenching.

Lindiwe’s lies and manipulation have ended Tumi and Zolani’s relationship, divided her family and caused unrest in the Refilwe community.

However, the Mokoenas have been dealt the greatest blow. Now, we all knew that Tumi is not Thato and Malefu’s biological child, but we never thought she’d actually reveal the truth to Tumi. After Malefu found out from Tumi that she was an accomplice in Lindiwe’s lies and that the community would not have any houses built, Malefu completely lost her temper.

But nothing could have prepared anyone for Malefu’s outrage. She continued to tell Tumi to get lost and informed her to get out her house as no child of hers would have sold her the way Tumi did.

She then revealed how Thato and herself had struggled to conceive after Cobra’s birth and wished to have a baby girl. Lucky for Thato, they found a baby girl by the river whom they brought up as they own (the same baby a young Lindiwe had left by the same river).

Not Cobra, nor Dimpho had any idea about this and were never ready when Malefu gave Tumi half a pendant and proceeded to drag the girl out onto the streets.

Twitter couldn’t take the heartbreak either:

Imagine people's emotions when Lindiwe and Tumi find out about each other? Are you ready? Catch the season end of The River every weekday at 20:00 on 1Magic.

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