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Twitter applauds The River’s Cobra

26 March 2019
Cobra finally kicked Angelina out his home.
Cobra on The River

If you’re a loyal The River viewer or you engage on Twitter with the hashtag #TheRiver1Magic every weekday at 20:00, you’ll know that Cobra, played by Presley Chweneganae, is loved by many for various reasons.

However, since Angelina started with her theatrics to separate Cobra and Paulina, many people have questioned Cobra’s abilities as a married man.

Now in his defence, he’s stated several times that he cannot throw the mother of his child and subsequently his child out into the streets while he has a roof over his head and food on the table. And while he’s extended an innocent helping hand to Angelina, Angelina has used every opportunity she gets to drive a wedge between Cobra and his lekker Paulinksky.

Well, just when it looked like Angelina had won the battle, she took things way too far when she attempted to seduce Cobra in Paulina’s absence. And without a second thought, Cobra threw her out of their home, much to Twitter’s relief.

Now that Angelina is out, will Cobra be able to convince Paulina to come back home? Tune into The River Monday to Friday at 20:00 to find out.


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