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The River Season 2 Predictions

29 January 2019
Will Lindiwe make it out alive? Will Tumi return? Twitter makes its predictions.
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The River spent its penultimate episodes revealing secrets to scenes that had been shown at the beginning of season one. Not only did Tumi find out that she wasn’t Malefu’s biological child, but she learnt that her real mom had dumped her by the river with a half a pendant.

In sheer desperation to win Tumi back, Zolani also told Tumi that Lindiwe had killed her father. Although Zolani’s plan backfired, it gave Tumi the chance to revenge her father’s death. Racing to the Dikana home to search for any evidence that would pin Lindiwe and Zolani to the murder, Tumi found more than what she bargained for; the second half of the pendant which basically gave her the answer to who her mom is.

That same day, Lindiwe ordered Tshabalala to kidnap Tumi so that she herself could make sure that the truth about Thato’s death could never be revealed. Unbeknownst to her, she was burying her very own flesh and blood.

When Lindiwe eventually found out that Tumi was, in fact, her daughter, the news was all too much for her to take, and she shot herself.

Now, into Season 2, Lindiwe is fighting for her life in intensive care while Tumi is nowhere to be found. No one knows if either one of them will make it out alive, but that hasn’t stopped Twitter from making their own predictions.

Here are a few:

Whether mother and daughter will make it back alive, remains to be seen. 

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