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The River: Sandra Stein versus Julia Hargreaves

26 February 2019
Sandra Stein is back on The River to defend Lindiwe.
Julia Hargreaves on the river

When her dodgy ways catch up to her, who does Lindiwe “Madlabantu” Dikana call? Sandra Stein of course! Last time Lindiwe and Sandra Stein worked together, they came inches away from bringing Zweli to his knees. And now that she's back in the scene, the question is will Lindiwe win her looming case?

Julia Hargreaves is not going to be an easy hurdle to overcome. Julia has come down very hard on Lindiwe and is doing everything in her power to put Lindiwe behind bars. Once Tumi’s charges were dropped, she went straight for Lindiwe’s head and had her and Zolani arrested for Thato Mokoena’s murder and Itumeleng’s attempted murder.

And she didn’t stop there. She laid down Lindiwe’s motive for attempting to kill Tumi event for event. And just when it seemed like Lindiwe would crumble, Sandra Stein arrived just in time to save her.

Now, it looks like it’s going to be a war between Sandra Stein and Julia. Tweeps are of course here for all of it but are divided on between the two.


Those in Julia’s camp:


Those in Sandra’s camp:


Who's side are you on? Answer the poll below.

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Julia Hargreaves vs Sandra Stein

Whose side are you on?

Julia Hargreaves38%
Sandra Stein63%