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The Queen's Sandra Stein is headed to The River

20 July 2018
Harriet’s feisty lawyer, Sandra Stein is coming to The River!
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You saw her represent The Queen’s Harriet during her drug and murder case, and now, Sandra Stein will be making an appearance on The River.

Although details about who she’ll be representing are yet to be revealed, you will remember that Sandra fought tooth and nail for Harriet’s innocence after she was accused of killing Jerry Maake.

She ripped and shredded each witness who took to the witness stand, leaving them flabbergasted and at a loss for words:

A case in point is Vuyiswa's testimony; she dug up Vuyiswa’s past and aired her dirty laundry, much to every attendees’ surprise. And proceeded to destroy Boi on the witness stand as she held her drinking problem against her. She had a field day with Kwanele as she accused him of using his and Kea’s relationship to target Harriet.

In the end, Sandra lost the case, she fought a good battle.

What Sandra’s arrival will mean for The River remains to be seen. But we’re excited and scared for the person who will receive her wrath.

Don’t miss her debut this week on The River, Thursday at 20:00, exclusive to 1Magic, DStv channel 103! Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #TheRiver1Magic! 

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